FIVE Cupcake FROSTING Styles Using a ROUND Piping Tip - 5 Top Cupcakes

5 years ago
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FIVE of the BEST FROSTING TECHNIQUES for Cakes & Cupcakes!

Master the art of perfectly frosted Cupcakes with these 5 best ever cupcake frosting styles using round piping tips… Beehive? Rainbow? Princess? So many possibilities!

Click here for 5 STAR piping Tip Techniques:
Click here for more foundations series videos:
Link to my Buttercream frosting recipe:

I used LOYAL brand Thermo Piping Tips, or Pastry Piping Tips - these are generally ALL I use unless I need something like a grass piping tip or a petal piping tip.

Loyal plastic round piping tip #11 (smallest one) 11mm opening
Loyal plastic round piping tip #17 (medium one) 17mm opening
Loyal plastic round piping tip #20 (largest one) 20mm opening

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I'd love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above -- You all know how mine turn out -- now show me YOUR creations!

Xx Elise

For my large appliances (did you notice my amazing fridge?) I can't go past Smeg:

For small appliances (including my awesome mixer!) I love Breville products:

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